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This is a "fiction" article, meaning the contents of the article aren't stories from the real world.
China, May 2017

Macau Police looking for triad boss following murder of Pro-Democracy Politician

Police are looking for triad boss Vernon "Macau Ronnie" Song after the murder of pro democracy politician Teng Guan Ting. The previous Water Room dragon head Yu Yu caused territorial disputes with the Macau 14K Triad group. Collecting gambling debts in casinos has always been the main moneymaker for triad groups in Macau. The leader was under scrutiny after violent political protests caused by a series of brutal public scoldings by triad lynch mobs.

The main out for triad leader Yu Yu was Macau Ronnie who was announced new dragon head through the formalities in february 2017. He moved from Bangkok to Macau in April. Three 14K red poles were killed in Wanzai and Tap Seac. After the arrest of a summed 200 Shui Fong triad members, politician Teng Guan Ting was found dead in a gator infested pool. Anti-Triad units are looking for Macau Ronnie.

The death of Teng Guan Ting helped left-wing politician Jiang Jian pass the Controlled Gambling & Fiscal Counterfeiting Act of 2017 in the parliament. This delivered a major blow to gambling oriented Triads in Macau. But while the sum of gambling related violent incidents has been dropped by 5% and predicted to decrease to 15% at this rate in 2020 the amount of cyber crimes has increased by 20%. Cyber Security Expert of the Cheung Sing Wei Cyber & Internet Crime Research Institute says that the 20% aren't remotely reliable. "Cyber crimes are really hard to trace to the source. A Macau cyber outfit will undoubtedly make use of VPNs and may make use of PRC's locked down IP addresses. This way a Macau based malicious hacker could operate in Australia at the surface, and we still wont know who it is."

After the arrest of the 200 triad members in Po Shek Tsuen Gongbei special investigator said that they found traces of a Stuxnet based computer virus with the intent of being used against fiscal corporations.

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