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Super Wok Explosion

Unique animated series about Chinese tongs and triads

❝Wong Kar-wai meets
Nicholas Winding Refn❞

Super Wok Explosion Poster

After Rainman, a former enforcer for the Wo On Lok triad, is released from prison and becomes the target of a rebellious faction within his old organization, a bunch of teenagers, who spend their time engaging in minor criminal activities while working at a local eatery named Super Wok, find themselves unwittingly entangled in the mysterious and supernatural secrets lurking beneath the surface of Chinatown. Their journey is fueled by desires for personal glory and self-importance, pitting the childhood friends against each other in a neon-soaked, otherworldly tragedy.

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At the center of the Chinese underworld stand the triads. World-wide secret societies shrouded in mystique. After a coup d’etat by gang leader Macau Ronnie, it’s time for a new generation in Wo On Lok. But powerful forces protect the traditional order – that won’t be changed so easily.

Water Room

Time for a new generation

Super Wok Gang

...the best night ever turns into a nightmare...

Image of the Super Wok Gang

What was supposed to be the best night ever turns into a nightmare that haunts the Super Wok gang for the rest of their lives. Friendships and relationships are torn apart when outside forces extend a long arm into their group. Will they value friendship over anything else, or fall for the riches that the black society has to offer?

2024.07.31 San Delfina, Chinatown
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9 episodes chock full of intrigue, drama and Tarantino-esque violence

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