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In 2015 the Federal Bureau of Investigation formed the "Anti Asian Organized Crime Task Force" under the San Delfina Field Office to conduct an investigation towards an alleged narcotics trafficking ring in Downtown San Delfina (commonly referred to as "Chinatown").

The following report is disclosed to the public under the 2000 Freedom of Information Act by the Department of Homeland Security. The case file was used in the 2017 criminal court cases: The State vs. J. Ma which lead to the conviction of "Muslim Joe" J. Ma "Muslim Joe", "Rainman" W. Ho and conviction of "Macau Ronnie" L. Leng - whom as of present day (5th May, 2019) is believed to reside in mainland China.

Names of victims, associates and suspects that were not found guilty of any charges are crossed out to adhere to privacy concerns. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is of the opinion nobody's safety is jeopardized by the disclosure of this report.

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