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Name Phil Hop
Alias(es) "Gangnam style"
Nationality American
Place of Birth San Delfina, United States
Age 17
Current location(s) San Delfina
Affiliations Super Wok Gang
Occupation(s) Delivery boy
FBI Logo

Freedom of Information Act

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Phil Hop

Phil Hop is an American-born Chinese teenager living in San Delfina Chinatown. He’s one of the protagonists and antagonists in “Super Wok Explosion”. He is part of the Super Wok Gang and is best friends with Ted Kwok. He works as a delivery boy for Marty Hong’s mother at Super Wok.


Phil Hop is born and raised in San Delfina Chinatown. He goes to the same high school as Ted Kwok, Marty Hong, Tara Holloway and Lorelei Demilo. He’s a fervent drug user, abundantly using recreational cannabis, ketamine (which he calls Special K) and ecstasy. He also frequently visits raves and night clubs in the psychedelic trance scene.

Phil is an extroverted and uncalculated figure. He suffers of frequent mood swings as a result of his drug abuse. He also often acts based on infantile values, trying to be perceived as a “cool” person. He constantly tries to prove to his friends his masculinity, heterosexuality and nerve. This sometimes causes him to react explosively, resorting to threats of violence and mental breakdowns. Phil shows traits of bipolarity, although he was never diagnosed with it.

He often acts on what could be called pubescent aspirations, idolizing being a gangster, using illicit substances and the experiences he has with it. This makes him somewhat naive and caused the start of his criminal career: he started selling drugs at a young age to fund his own lifestyle of drug usage and partying. This later got him involved with more serious crimes such as car theft and small-time arms trafficking because he proved to be a person a bit easy to influence.

Phil is an entrepreneur, looking to make a profit out of almost anything. He easily approaches people. For instance, he opened up their backroom poker games to outsiders in order to make money. And at a young age, he already hung out with the older people in the group such as Kingsley Chiu and later Monk, making him the linking pin between himself and local youth gangs. But Phil was never known as a resilient or perseverant person, occasionally changing ambitions and having no distinguishable career strategy.

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