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Action, crime, mystery

War threatens the most powerful criminal syndicate the world has ever known. Six American-born Chinese teenagers descend into insanity as their group of friends is slowly torn apart. And Water Room enforcer Rainman – who has a price on his head – must find a way to control Chinatown.

  • 9 Episodes
  • 5 Stories
  • Original soundtrack
  • Short Stories
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At the center of the Chinese underworld stand the triads. World-wide secret societies shrouded in mystique. After a coup d’etat by gang leader Macau Ronnie, it’s time for a new generation in Wo On Lok. But powerful forces protect the traditional order – that won’t be changed so easily.

Water Room

The Triads

Super Wok Gang

Image of the Super Wok Gang

What was supposed to be the best night ever turns into a nightmare that haunts the Super Wok gang for the rest of their lives. Friendships and relationships are torn apart when outside forces extend a long arm into their group. Will they value friendship over anything else, or fall for the riches that the black society has to offer?

Image of San Delfina Skyline

Born and raised by the streets. Rainman, the megalomaniac pretender prince of Chinatown. A living legend set free after his golden age when he ran the streets during the tong’s reign – now out and about, with a price on his head from his sworn brothers. He seeks protection. Warriors to gain leverage. Aspiring greater glory. And he will stop at nothing.


the pretender prince of chinatown


the chinese teflon don
Image of the Super Wok Gang

Flamboyant and loud, King is a thorn in the eyes of the triad. The Kowloon Tiger aspiring for greatness. And he’s not going to wait for anybody to give him a seat. King has big plans. He’s the Chinese teflon don, and he’s about to break through.

Gangnam Style and Super Kwok are the hot shots of Super Wok. But when a wolf in sheep’s clothing shows up to steal the limelight, things get a little too serious.

Phil Hop & Ted Kwok

the pretender prince of chinatown
Image of the Super Wok Gang

Beyond the veil of the tight-knit, wholesome community of San Delfina Chinatown lies the Chinatown underworld. A world where honor and respect are highly valued, and tradition, rituals and superstition make out the order of the day. But when a new generation shows up to challenge the status quo, the Chinatown underworld quickly grows loud beyond the veil.

9 episodes chock full of intrigue, drama and Tarantino-esque violence

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