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Name ?
Alias(es) Tea Worm
Nationality American
Place of Birth San Diego
Age 46
Current location(s) San Delfina
Occupation(s) Logistics Consultant
FBI Logo

Freedom of Information Act

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Tea Worm

“Tea Worm” is a Chinese American businessman from San Diego who commutes between Macau, San Diego and San Delfina.


Not much is known about “Tea Worm”. We only know him by his alias and that he’s a businessman owning subsidiaries in California. He is apparently a member of Wo On Lok and, like Rainman, he knows Macau Ronnie since before he was the leader of the Black Twilight fraternity.

Tea Worm used his business connections in the past to operate a car theft ring. He allegedly was responsible mostly for the transportation of stolen vehicles and ascription.

While Tea Worm knows a bit more than Rainman about what’s happening overseas, it seems like he’s deliberately being kept out of the loop. Moreso, he seems a bit startled by what he calls “the new Water Room” because business is conducted differently: mostly a lot less personal, which can be drawn from his conversation with Rainman in episode 3 when he says that “Now, I [Tea Worm] don’t know who I’m talking to”.

The Series

Though Tea Worm’s motives are questioned back and forth by Rainman, who doesn’t understand why Tea Worm and Macau Ronnie put their trust in him, Tea Worm is Rainman’s stepping stone back into the Wo On Lok in the series after Rainman leaves prison.

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