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Name Wo On Lok
Alias(es) Shui Fong (lit. Water Room Gang)
Type Triad
Location(s) Macau, People’s Republic of China
Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China
Bangkok, Thailand
San Delfina, United States
Vancouver, British Columbia
Activities Money laundering, blackmailing, counterfeiting goods, fencing, drug distribution, drug trafficking, contract killing, arms trading, cyber crimes, extortion, corporate fraud, loan sharking, human trafficking, prostitution
Enemies 14K, Wo Shing Wo
Notable members Tea Worm, Rainman
FBI Logo

Freedom of Information Act

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Wo On Lok

Wo On Lok is one of the largest triads existing today and is also one of the most powerful triads in Macau.

Modus Operandi

Wo On Lok is a transcontinental organization operating in Macau and other overseas regions with significant Chinese populations. It is not one single organization, but is instead composed of different groups or fraternities in turn operating “cells” that work self-autonomously from each other.

Wo On Lok is one of the “Big Four” in Macau, getting much of its income from collecting casino debts and loan sharking.

Black Twilight Fraternity

The “Black Twilight” fraternity is one of a handful of fraternities within Wo On Lok. The fraternity is currently led by Macau Ronnie. The Black Twilight is the progressive wing of the Wo On Lok. Several years ago, Macau Ronnie aggressively took control of the Black Twilight through a coup d’etat in which he dethroned triad leader Yu Yu.

Macau Ronnie rising as triad leader resulted in territorial disputes in Macau with the 14K resulting in the arrests of 200 Wo On Lok triad members in Macau and Hong Kong. An alleged three red poles were killed in Wanzai and Tap Seac. Triad violence led to harsh measures from local authorities. The death of pro-democracy politician Teng Guan Ting – who was found dead in a gator pool – helped Left-wing politician Jiang Jian pass the Controlled Gambling & Fiscal Counterfeiting Act in parliament, delivering a major blow to gambling oriented triads in Macau. Ever since, a 5% decrease of gambling related violent felonies has been reported in Macau. But according to the Cheung Sing Wei Cyber & Internet Crime Research Institute data theft and hacks have increased by at least 20%.

The Black Twilight are primarily based in Macau. Their main operations are a human trafficking and heroin trafficking network from the Golden Triangle in which they transport heroin to Australia, the United States and Canada. The past years the Black Twilight have been shifting more to foreign and domestic cyber-terrorism and data hacks. After the arrest of the 200 triad members in Po Shek Tsuen Gongbei special investigator said that they found traces of a Stuxnet based computer virus with the intent of being used against fiscal corporations.

San Delfina

The Black Twilight is one of the fraternities most active in North America. They have created a strong Wo On Lok presence in British Columbia – from where their influence also extends to San Delfina.

The Wo On Lok are a relatively new triad in San Delfina, joining the presence of the American-based White Tiger Gang, Wo Shing Wo and – until recently – 14K. Several years ago the FBI revealed a node of a heroin trafficking ring in San Delfina Chinatown, leading to the arrest of twenty Wo On Lok affiliates – among which Rainman who was found to be associated with a money laundering scheme connected to Macau.

The Wo On Lok have infiltrated the San Delfina-based Eng Suey Sun Tong and are presented through chairmember “Tea Worm”.

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