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This is a "fiction" article, meaning the contents of the article aren't stories from the real world.
BANGKOK – May 2019

Triad Boss Found Dead in Bangkok Alligator Pens

Alleged triad boss Sheng Li also known as “The Mandarin”’s remains were found Thursday morning in an alligator pen in Bangkok. Li is a central figure in Wo On Lok’s conservative force. Li wasn’t ragingly popular among peers after he and others advocated for a change of policy going against current leader Macau Ronnie.

Sheng Li’s triad associations are no secret to the local authorities. Sheng Li is a Guangzhou native that moved to Macau in the early 2000’s to open a casino backed by an investment firm. From there, Sheng Li worked his way up the hierarchy of the Water Room Gang, getting local control of the area. 

Sheng Li’s remains were tossed in the alligator pens after Sheng Li was thought to be attacked by multiple assailants with sharp blades in an alley behind the notorious “Madrid bar”. Sheng Li stayed in Bangkok during the holidays as per his usual venture.

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