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This is a "fiction" article, meaning the contents of the article aren't stories from the real world.
CHINATOWN – February, 2009

Chinatown gangster Rainman arrested in FBI raid on Yale Street Heroin Den

Earlier this morning a joint-operation by the FBI and the San Delfina Metropolitan Police’s Anti-Asian Organized Crime unit raided the “99 cent” dry cleaning facility on Yale Street. Lawn enforcement discovered several dozens of kilos of heroin ready for distribution, some arms and cash money to be transported up-state.

The FBI also raided the Chinatown apartment of gangster hot-shot Wayne Ho also known as “Rainman”. The FBI confiscated the keys to a ten-million dollar yacht in the San Delfina basin, a McLaren 650S, a ‘97 Porsche 993 and a Mercedes-Benz E350.

A spokesperson of the SDMP said in a press conference that “our Anti-Asian Organized Crime task-force set up specifically to target organized crime in San Delfina’s Asian communities found a lead earlier this year on what they call a ‘proportional drug trafficking operation in the state”. The SDMP allegedly collaborated with the authorities in East Asia and British Columbia after uncovering that triad presence had increased in the United States via Canada over the last decade. The SDMP set up the AAOC to quell mainland American triad influence in United States businesses.

A multi-year sentence looms over Rainman’s head.

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