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Super Wok Explosion

Animated series about Chinese tongs and triads. Click for more information ›
October 23 2021

Suspect 21

“Who is standing above them holding a protective umbrella?” read a Vancouver newspaper. A tremendous lockbox filled with luxuries. Not necklaces and other jewelry. But Ferrari’s, yachts. What was even more surprising were the tanks and automatic machine guns.

The bunker was a money-laundering and weapons trafficking silo near the Washington border. Owned by the Chinese don known as Suspect 21 who liked to sing nationalistic Chinese songs and drink expensive French red wine. In most of his photos, he posed like Fidel Castro in a military uniform. He was a communist fanatic and fan of the CCP. Bearing the Chinese flag in his towering mansion. He even had a private zoo with panthers and jaguars with over twenty caretakers. And his private zoo was subject to many protests from animal rights activists, but he always got away unscathed from the low.

And while he wasn’t a celebrity, he was known to hang out in circles. It wasn’t so interesting to know who he controlled— who made his money, as he had big ties with the Big Circle Boys. But what was more interesting was the people who protected him.

The triads are a threat to democracy.

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