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Super Wok Explosion

Animated series about Chinese tongs and triads. Click for more information ›
August 31 2021

The Era of Wo On Lok

The first move was made by the Black Twilight fraternity — Macau Ronnie’s progressive fraction within the Wo On Lok. In front of the Galaxy International Convention Center pro-democracy politician Teng Guan Ting was gunned down by two motorcyclists armed with submachine guns with dozens of spectators to witness the liquidation. The assassination in the evening was violent and loud. The message was clear.

Teng Guan Ting was a strong proponent of the Controlled Gambling & Fiscal Counterfeiting Act, planning to deliver a major blow to gambling oriented triads in Macau. Macau Ronnie had none of it. And a “local” Macau government wasn’t going to move in front of the world’s most momentous secret society.

It had been years too since a triad eliminated a politician in such cold blood. The authorities were paralyzed after recent budget cuts. And the same people who solicited those were the ones demanding a dedicated triad task-force now. Talking heads on television discussed the extent of the triads’ power yet again. It rang a new era, one where triads weren’t just secretive brotherhoods that dealt in nepotism, but where triads were one of the most influential criminal corporations and dealt without boundaries, neither geographically, by law or by virtue.

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